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Attorney AVVO Responses To Ratings
Last Post 07/08/2021 10:06 AM by Not Shocked
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04/20/2021 8:22 AM
Author: Contra Dick Shins [21813]
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Saw an Attorney (or at least their assistant) post this in response to a one star review and a post that claimed that the lawyer did bad on a case with bad response time, etc.

As you can see they first claim that it is all fake, then claim that they actually did good by the client. They also start posting saying they are the lawyer then end in third person. I redacted the Attorneys name out of Professional Courtesy.

It was posted during the Trump Era by a middle aged upper class white lawyer in a highly republican community, so I guess the whole "fake news" followed by contradictions shouldn't shock anyone stupid enough to think Trump spoke English.

(Attorneys)response: This submitter is also someone who has not disclosed their name. AVVO again allows anyone to submit a review even though they do not state who they are so AVVO is fake. I would not trust this site. If the client did not supply the information that is always requested then it would not be available. (Attorney) still won the case with a client that was lacking in info and integrity.


07/08/2021 10:06 AM
Author: Not Shocked [21813]
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Speaking of stupid people on avvo...............


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